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Communities First – Working to Improve Economic Inactivity

The Inquiry Panel met this week to hear about the work being carried out in Swansea by Communities First, in respect of economic inactivity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Caroline Carter, Community Regeneration Co-ordinator and Ryland Doyle, Cabinet Member for Target Areas, attended the meeting and explained how Communities First is making an appreciable impact on the areas where […]

School pupils views on wellbeing

The Attainment and Wellbeing Scrutiny Inquiry Panel spoke to over 60 children and young people in schools in February and March this year.             Picture: Members of the Panel with the consultation results   Pupils over the four focus groups were asked: What do pupils need to do well in school? What would […]

Corporate Improvement & Budget Scrutiny Performance Panel

The Panel met on 17th April 2013 to look at the Council’s Performance over the 3rd quarter of 2012 (Oct – Dec).  Richard Rowlands, Business Performance Manager for the local authority, attended the meeting, to take the panel members through the performance tables and answer any related questions. The performance figures were discussed and areas […]

Public transport scrutiny inquiry draws to a close

The panel set up to look at how public transport impacts on social inclusion

Improving the experiences of looked after children scrutiny inquiry draws to a close

The scrutiny inquiry panel set up to examine how services for looked after children in Swansea can be improved has just completed its evidence gathering.   The key question the inquiry sought to answer was: how can the local authority improve the experience of looked after children in Swansea when they access services from the Council and partners. The […]

How will the Council reduce the numbers of looked after children?

The Child & Family Services Performance Panel met last week to examine recent performance in Child & Family Services.  In particular, the panel focused on the high numbers of children in the care of the authority (looked after children) and how the authority will sustainably and safely reduce the numbers of children entering the care […]