Archives for January 2015

Engaging with staff to improve our corporate culture

The Corporate Culture Scrutiny Panel will meet tomorrow to look at the results of a recent staff survey and at how we as an organisation engage and communicate with staff. The staff survey was carried out during August to October 2014 and was made available online via the internal and external websites and in hard copy […]

Local Service Board Scrutiny Panel meeting Monday 26 January

The Local Service Board Scrutiny Performance Panel will meet with Councillor Rob Stewart (Chair of Swansea’s Local Service Board) and Jan Worthing from ABMU Health Board, key members of the LSB,  on Monday 26 January in order to further develop the Panel’s understanding of the work of the LSB. The meeting will take place at […]

Councillors want to take to carers and carers groups

Councillors on the transformation of adult social services scrutiny panel will be focussing on support services for carers over the next couple of months.   Part of this work will mean talking directly to a range of carers and carers groups to find out their experiences of services. After the panel has spoken to carers […]

What will the Child & Family Services Scrutiny Panel look at next week?

The Child & Family Services Scrutiny Performance Panel will meet on Monday 19th January at 2.00pm in Committee Room 3 in the Civic Centre. This month the panel is going to be looking at the implications for the local authority of the independent review of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.  The panel will consider the […]

What’s next for the Service Improvement & Finance Scrutiny Panel?

The Service Improvement & Finance Scrutiny Performance Panel will be meeting at 1.30pm on Wednesday 14 January (committee room 3, Civic Centre). On the agenda this week is a Q&A session with Councillor Jennifer Raynor, Cabinet Member for Education. The purpose of this session is to specifically focus on the achievement and impact of the […]

Do you have a question for Councillor Jane Harris, Cabinet Member for Services for Adults & Vulnerable People?

The Cabinet Member for Services for Adults & Vulnerable People, Councillor Jane Harris, will be appearing before the Scrutiny Programme Committee on 19 January for a question and answer session. The committee welcome your ideas for questions. Cllr Jane Harris Councillor Harris’ portfolio of Services for Adults & Vulnerable People includes the following areas of […]