Archives for February 2016

What has been the impact of inward investment scrutiny inquiry?

The Inward Investment Scrutiny Inquiry Panel will meet again on 3 March to look the outstanding recommendations and at how their report has impacted on inward investment into Swansea and the Swansea Bay City Region. The Panel were told at a meeting in July 2015 that their report had provided focus for how Swansea and the […]

Whats next in Schools Performance?

The Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel have three meeting scheduled over coming months  and you are welcome to come along and listen to the discussion and/or look at the papers online when they are published.  These include: 23 February at 5pm (Committee Room 1 in the Civic Centre) – the panel will be looking at West Glamorgan Music Service consultation on proposed […]

Tackling the issue of tethered horses

Scrutiny Councillors in Swansea are looking at the issue of horses tethered on public land.  They are considering a petition by a group called Friends of Swansea Horses that calls for the tethering of horses to be banned. At a recent public meeting they heard evidence about the poor condition of many of the horses […]

Building Sustainable Communities – Give us your views

A new scrutiny inquiry panel has started which is looking at building sustainable communities through developing community action. The Panel is focused specifically on how the council can best support residents to run some services in their own communities. Councillors have chosen to look at this subject because: In order to maintain important local services the council will […]

Finding support for young people with mental health needs is sometimes a challenge

Finding support for a young person with mental health needs is sometimes a challenge.  It is worth pointing out at this stage the distinction between mental health and mental illness.  Mental health covers emotional and well being issues and needs and is often addressed through non-medical interventions.  Mental illness is medically diagnosed by an appropriate health professional […]

Budget Scrutiny

A meeting of the Council’s Service Improvement & Finance Scrutiny Performance Panel will take place on Wednesday 10 February at 11am in Committee Room 6, Guildhall. The purpose will be to discuss the Council’s Budget Proposals. The Panel’s role is to question and challenge aspects of the budget in order to help it to form opinions […]