So what is happening in Education Scrutiny?

Swansea Councils education scrutiny body, the Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel, has the role of providing ongoing challenge to schools performance in order to ensure that pupils in Swansea are receiving a high quality education and that it is meeting its objectives to improve schools standards and pupil attainment. The up-coming meetings for this Panel are: Thursday 17 May […]

Scrutiny Councillors commend progress at Bishop Vaughan School

The Schools Scrutiny Performance Panel commend the Headteacher, senior leadership team and school staff for the improvements made at the school since 2016 and look forward to seeing the school continue to improve from its now strong base.  Councillors were pleased to see the new strong leadership team taking the school forward and would particularly […]

Scrutiny Councillors make suggestions for improvements of Roads & Footway Maintenance in Swansea

Scrutiny Councillors on the Roads & Footway Maintenance Working Group met with senior officers from Highways & Transportation and the Cabinet member for Environment Services, Councillor Mark Thomas to discuss his report on the Maintenance of roads and footways in Swansea. The Working Group expressed concerns about the backlog of £54 million of work needed […]

Following up and looking at the impact of the School Readiness Scrutiny Inquiry

The School Readiness Scrutiny Inquiry will meet again on the 27 March 2018 to look at the impact and progress that has been made with the recommendations that were agreed by Cabinet resulting from this piece of work. The Panel carried out their inquiry in 2017 which resulted in a number of recommendations that were […]

Scrutiny Councillors congratulate the Headteacher, Governors, staff and parents at Morriston Primary School

Scrutiny Councillors from the Schools Scrutiny Performance Panel congratulate the Headteacher and school staff, the Challenge Advisor, the governing body, parents and pupils at the Morrison Primary School for their hard work and commitment to driving improvement at the school.  The Panel, overall, are pleased to see a strong leadership team at the school emerging […]

Scrutiny Councillors focus on Swansea Libraries

Scrutiny Councillors on the Service Improvement & Finance Panel met on 7 February and discussed the Welsh Public Library Standards Annual Performance Report 16/17. The Panel received a presentation from Senior Officers from Cultural Services on the current Welsh Public Library Standards framework.  Frameworks ensure that libraries in Wales meet certain Standards. Scrutiny Councillors were […]