Talking to providers about social care at home

Social Care at Home Scrutiny Panel members met with a number of providers of social care at home (aka domiciliary care) recently, to learn about the service they provide and to give the councillors a unique opportunity to hear about concerns and issues that may be affecting the current system. The Social Care at Home Panel  members were […]

Call For Evidence: Social Care at Home Scrutiny Inquiry Panel

A new scrutiny inquiry panel has started which is looking at ways in which Swansea Council and its partners can support elderly people to remain in their own homes, instead of being forced to move to residential care or nursing homes. Over the next few months the Panel will be looking into many aspects of social care at home, or domiciliary care (previously referred to […]

Carers scrutiny review report goes to Cabinet

The “support for carers” scrutiny review was completed by the Health Social Care & Well Being Overview & Scrutiny Board in March.  The Board made a total of 12 recommendations and last week the Cabinet Member for Well Being, Councillor Mark Child,  submitted his response to the Board’s recommendations.  Nine of the 12 recommendations were […]

Health Social Care & Well Being Overview & Scrutiny Board almost finished for the year

The Health Social Care & Well Being Overview & Scrutiny Board will meet for the final time on Tuesday 3rd April. Councillors on the Board will take some time during this meeting to review the work they have carried out this year and to reflect on performance. They will look at what has worked well […]

Support for carers scrutiny review almost finished

 The councillors have written their draft final report for the scrutiny review of support for carers in Swansea and an extra board meeting will be held next week to agree the report and its recommendations Overall the Board found that identifying carers was a challenge for all organisations that provided support services for carers; schools […]

Scrutiny councillors quiz new director on carers

Councillors on the Health Social Care & Well Being overview and scrutiny board questioned the new director of Social Services, Phil Hodgson, and the new Head of Child & Family Services, David Howes on the issue of support for carers.  The board is currently reviewing how the Council and its partners identify and support carers, including […]