Archives for September 2012

Affordable Housing Panel

 The Affordable Housing Inquiry Panel met on Monday for an evidence gathering session with officers from the Council’s Housing Service and Planning Service. They received a detailed presentation which covered the following issues: Local Authority duties & powers in relation to affordable housing Policies & strategies used to address affordable housing so far Impact of policies […]

Child & family services performance panel gets underway

The Child & Family Services Scrutiny Performance Panel met for the first time last week.  The performance panel is a sub-group of the People Scrutiny Board.  The People Scrutiny Board agreed that performance of child and family social services was an important area for scrutiny to continue to focus on given the recent history and […]

Impact of Welfare Reforms

The Stronger & Safer Communities Scrutiny Board is holding a special meeting next week to talk about the impact of welfare reforms. The Board has expressed concern about the possible impact of the UK Government’s welfare reforms on communities in Swansea, and wish to understand plans to deal with those impacts. The Board recognises that the […]

Tourism and the local economy

The Tourism Inquiry Panel met last week to look at tourism and the local economy, as part of their review of Tourism in Swansea.  They invited officers from the Economic Regeneration and Planning Department to take part in a question and answer session.  The discussion was wide and took in range of issues including for example: […]

Scrutiny of Council performance

 A scrutiny panel has been set up to look at the Council’s performance targets. The Panel is made up of the members of the Scrutiny Programme Board, who are the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the Council’s three scrutiny boards, along with the Chair of the Council. The role of the Panel is to consider […]

Budget and Finance Performance Panel

A panel has been set up to monitor the budget process and will meet for the first time towards the end of September where it will look at the budget and finance monitoring report for the first quarter of this financial year (Apr – Jun).  The report details any significant variations to the agreed budget and the actions that are planned to […]