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So, what is Elective Home Education?

Elective Home Education, also known as Home Schooling, is where parents/carers decide to provide home based education for their children instead of sending them to school.  Elective home education is an aspect of parental choice.  This is different to Home Tuition which is where the local authority provides education for children who cannot attend school […]

Do you have a question for Councillor Mark Child, Cabinet Member for Wellbeing?

The Cabinet Member for Wellbeing, Councillor Mark Child, will be appearing before the Scrutiny Programme Committee on 4 August for a question and answer session.             The committee will explore the work he has done in this role, looking at priorities, actions, achievements and impact. They would welcome your ideas […]

Scrutiny looks at how schools deal with staff competency issues

The Schools Performance Panel at their meeting on the 3 July looked at how the authority tackles the issue of poor performing teachers and the recruitment of senior staff in schools.  The Chief Education Officer and Head of Human Resources attended the meeting to discuss a number of specific issues, particularly around the amount and accuracy […]

Education Inclusion Scrutiny Inquiry Update

Councillors previously planned to carry out an inquiry into Education Inclusion, particularly education other than at school, which was due to start in April.  This was highlighted as a concern by the recommendation arising from the recent local authority education services for children and young people Estyn Inspection which stated that we need to ‘improve […]

Scrutiny Dispatches – July 2014

Every month council receives an update from scrutiny about the work it has been doing. It aims to provide the headlines, typically with one major story each time, to raise awareness and visibility of the work and impact of scrutiny.           Here’s this months roundup: 1. Improving the impact of scrutiny […]

Scrutiny looks at how schools deal with staff competency issues

The Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel, at their meeting today will look at  how the Council advises and supports schools when dealing with poorly performing teachers and also when recruiting senior staff into schools.  This is one of the issues that was highlighted for further work by the Panel when they spoke to schools over the […]