Archives for July 2015

Do you have a question for Cabinet Members?

The Council’s Scrutiny Programme Committee holds the Council’s Cabinet to account and during the course of the year arranges Q & A sessions with each Cabinet Member.           Each Q & A session will explore the work Cabinet Members have done in their role, looking at priorities, actions, achievements and impact. […]

Supporting local democracy and good governance

Our annual report for the last 12 months has now been published. It gives a summary of what we have done, the feedback we have received and the things we want to improve in future. It is an important document for us. It shows that we are transparent in our work and open to scrutiny! […]

The next steps for the Local Service Board Scrutiny Panel.

The Local Service Board Scrutiny Panel will be meeting at 4.30pm on Monday 27 July in Meeting Room 3, Civic Centre). During its development stage the panel agreed that its preferred approach to developing its work plan 2015/16 will be to select a Local Service Board challenge to look at in depth, with an emphasis […]

Developing a ‘can do’ culture is everybody’s business

The Corporate Culture Scrutiny Inquiry Panel is now ready to report its finding and recommendations to Cabinet on the 20th August. This topic was chosen for scrutiny because, as a Council our corporate culture underpins everything we do, from how we engage with our citizens and provide services to how we treat our staff and how […]

What has been the impact of inward investment scrutiny?

The Cabinet Member for Enterprise, Development and Regeneration will attend the scrutiny panel on the 14 July to update Councillor’s on the progress and  impact of the scrutiny recommendations that were agreed by Cabinet on the 26 August 2014 in relation to  inquiry into inward investment into the locality. The Inquiry found that Swansea has many assets that […]

Do you have a question for Councillor Rob Stewart, Leader of the Council?

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Rob Stewart, will be appearing before the Scrutiny Programme Committee on 13 July for a question and answer session. The committee welcome your ideas for questions. Cllr. Rob Stewart As Leader, Councillor Stewart is responsible for:  providing political leadership to the Council working with officers to lead the organisation […]