Archives for September 2016

Have your say on the Tackling Poverty Strategy

Tackling poverty is one of the Council’s top priorities. A new scrutiny inquiry has started which is looking at ways in which the Council’s Tackling Poverty Strategy can be improved. Over the next few months the Tackling Poverty Scrutiny Inquiry Panel will be looking into many aspects of the work of tackling poverty and will look […]

Are all children ready for school in Swansea?

A new scrutiny panel is currently being set up that will look at children’s readiness for school in Swansea.  It will meet for the first time on the 11 October.  The issue was highlighted by Councillors as an important topic for review at the Scrutiny Work Planning Conference in May.   Some of the reasons Councillors will look […]

What makes an effective tackling poverty strategy?

Tackling poverty is a massive challenge – particularly at the local level. It is essential, therefore, that any local strategy, such as the one put in place by Swansea Council, takes account of what evidence there is so that it can be as effective as possible. With that in mind, last week saw the first […]

The way ahead for Community Action

The Council is facing significant budget cuts which mean that we need to take a radical look at the way things are done.  This includes what services and assets we continue to manage and which we are unable to support.  The Council’s Sustainable Swansea – Fit for the Future Strategy is about transforming Council services, […]

How we use evidence for scrutiny inquiries

Evidence gathering for in-depth pieces of work is a fundamental aspect of scrutiny practice. Typically inquiries will be looking to offer credible solutions to complex issues that can be adopted with confidence. The work needs, therefore, to be underpinned by the robust collection and use of evidence. Like any research process it’s important to set […]

Safely reducing the numbers of looked after children

There are now 493 looked after children in the care of the authority and this number has been reducing steadily for the last 6 months.  Since February there has been a reduction of 28 looked after children and the teams are clearly working hard to get these good results. The child and family services scrutiny […]