Do you have a question for Cabinet Members?

The Council’s Scrutiny Programme Committee holds the Council’s Cabinet to account and during the course of the year arranges Q & A sessions with each Cabinet Member.         Each Q & A session will explore the work Cabinet Members have done in their role, looking at priorities, actions, achievements and impact. Is […]

Scrutiny Shortlisted for Top National Award

Swansea Council has been shortlisted for an MJ Award, otherwise known as the local government Oscars, in the category of ‘Excellence in Governance and Scrutiny’. The shortlisting reflects the Council’s ‘agile’ approach to scrutiny work – less of the work is done in formal committees and more by flexible working groups. This allows councillors to […]

Choosing our priorities for 2016/17

Last week scrutiny councillors held their 5th annual Work Planning Conference. This is an event open to all scrutiny councillors, co-optees and lay members from the Audit and Standards Committees. The purpose was to think about what topics scrutiny should focus on next year. Councillors considered a range of inputs including: Review of last year’s […]

Tackling the issue of tethered horses

Scrutiny Councillors in Swansea are looking at the issue of horses tethered on public land.  They are considering a petition by a group called Friends of Swansea Horses that calls for the tethering of horses to be banned. At a recent public meeting they heard evidence about the poor condition of many of the horses […]

Supporting school governors through challenging times

School governors can make a real difference but only if they have the information, training and support that they need. This is the main message of a report by scrutiny councillors published this week. Responding to claims that many governing bodies are too cosy and simply act as ‘cheerleaders’ for the head teacher, a number […]