So what is happening in schools scrutiny?

Swansea Councils education scrutiny body, the Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel, has the role of providing ongoing challenge to schools performance in order to ensure that pupils in Swansea are receiving a high quality education and that it is meeting its objectives to improve schools standards and pupil attainment. The up-coming meetings for this Panel are: Thursday 19 November […]

Scrutiny Councillors commend progress at Ysgol Crug Glas Special School

Councillors from the Schools Scrutiny Performance Panel made a visit to Ysgol Crug Glas Special School, meeting with the Headteacher, staff and two Governors. The Panel were very pleased to hear about their improvement journey, the positive outcome of their Estyn re-inspection and the speed in which they have made improvements at the school.  Councillors […]

So, what has been the impact of the Tackling Poverty Scrutiny inquiry?

Councillors met with the Cabinet Members for Better Communities (People) and officers last week to discuss how they are progressing with a number of recommendation made by a Scrutiny Inquiry Panel into Tackling Poverty. The Panel heard that the main impact of the inquiry had been to generate and bring about a clear focus to […]

Are you interested in equalities in Swansea?

The Equalities Scrutiny Panel met on the 11 October 2018 where they discussed and agreed their programme of work for their inquiry into equalities.  As part of this piece of work Councillors have agreed to first speak to the Council Directors in order to understand the equalities aspects within their remit including how they are […]

Call for Evidence:  Equalities Scrutiny Inquiry

A new scrutiny inquiry panel has started which will look at how effectively the Council is meeting and embedding its requirements under the Equality Act 2010 (Public Sector Equality Duty for Wales). The Inquiry will look in particular at how equality issues are considered in the provision of Council services and during development and changes […]

Scrutiny Councillors to look at Equalities in Swansea

Scrutiny Councillors in Swansea will carry out an inquiry into Equalities in Swansea.  This issue was raised as a focus for in depth scrutiny this year by Councillors at their Scrutiny Work Planning Conference in June 2018.  The Scrutiny Programme Committee have set up a Panel of Councillors to look specifically at the issue and […]