Scrutiny Councillors to look at Equalities in Swansea

Scrutiny Councillors in Swansea will carry out an inquiry into Equalities in Swansea.  This issue was raised as a focus for in depth scrutiny this year by Councillors at their Scrutiny Work Planning Conference in June 2018.  The Scrutiny Programme Committee have set up a Panel of Councillors to look specifically at the issue and […]

Swansea Councillors to take a look at air and noise pollution

A Working Group has been set up to look at air and noise pollution in Swansea. The Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management and the Head of Housing and Public Protection will attend the meeting to discuss the issues with Councillors and provide an overview report on the matter. They will look at, for […]

So, whats happening in Education Scrutiny

Swansea Councils education scrutiny body, the Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel, has the role of providing ongoing challenge to schools performance in order to ensure that pupils in Swansea are receiving a high quality education and that it is meeting its objectives to improve schools standards and pupil attainment. The up-coming meetings for this Panel are: Thursday 27 September […]

Swansea Cabinet agree with Scrutiny recommendations on Regional Working

Swansea Councils Cabinet agreed with all 11 recommendations that resulted from the Regional Working Scrutiny Inquiry at its meeting on the 16 August 2018.  Cabinet have or plan to address the recommendations contained in the report in the following ways: A senior management restructure which was approved by Council on 21st June strengthens the Council’s […]

Education through Regional Working Scrutiny Councillors to meet in September

Scrutiny Councillors from across the six local authorities will meet on 10 September 2018.   The purpose of the group is to help ensure the best educational outcomes for children in the Education Through Regional Working (ERW) region by supporting effective scrutiny to support consistent scrutiny across the six councils share scrutiny good practice encourage shared […]

What are Scrutiny Councillors planning to look at this year?

A new work programme has now been agreed, with a varied selection of topics that councillors plan to look at over the coming year. It represents strategic issues balanced with community concerns to ensure that scrutiny is always looking at the right things. But before we get to that, a little about how we got here… In […]