Welfare of Tethered Horses much Improved!

Scrutiny Councillors on the Tethered Horses Working Group met on 31 January to discuss and receive an update on the actions taken by the Council and its partners on the current situation in relation to horses tethered on public land. Councillors were pleased to hear the great progress made following their initial meeting in 2016. […]

An introduction to Service Improvement and Finance Scrutiny

The main purpose of the Service Improvement and Finance Scrutiny performance panel is to ensure that the Council’s budget, corporate and service improvement arrangements are effective and efficient. The Panel meets once a month to look at different aspects of Finance and Performance Monitoring. The Panel asks questions including:   How does performance compare with […]

Child & Family Services Scrutiny

Child and Family Social Services (CFS) performance is being monitored by Scrutiny Councillors in Swansea. CFS is undergoing major change and it is the CFS performance scrutiny panel’s role to ensure that performance is maintained and that further improvements are made across all areas of the service.   Swansea Child & Family Services’ vision:   […]

Adult Social Services Scrutiny

Did you know that there is a dedicated Scrutiny Performance Panel to provide an ongoing challenge to Adult Social Services?   Adult Social Services are undergoing major change and face significant financial pressures because of an ageing population and high demand. The Panel’s role is to receive and request relevant performance reports to monitor and […]

A focus on Swansea Public Services Board

Swansea Council has a multi-agency Scrutiny Panel which aims to find out what difference the Swansea Public Services Board (PSB) is making for citizens.   The Public Services Board is responsible for improving the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being in Swansea by strengthening joint working across all public services.   The Panel is focused […]