Scrutiny: Let’s break it down

Have you ever wondered what Scrutiny is all about, why it is there and what benefits it brings? We have put together a simple guide to help answer these important questions. Scrutiny Scrutiny is done through ‘effective questioning’ this means asking the kind of questions which get to the heart of an issue to find […]

Scrutiny Councillors focus on Swansea Council’s Use of Data

At their most recent meeting, the Service Improvement and Finance Performance Panel looked at the Wales Audit Office report on the Local Government Use of Data. The Cabinet Member and Officer responsible for the work attended to explain the report and the work they are doing to ensure data use is a top priority. The […]

Scrutiny Inquiry digs deep into the Natural Environment

Over the last year a Scrutiny Inquiry began looking in detail at how the Council deals with the Natural Environment, and how they are meeting their requirements under relevant laws. They looked at what the Council currently does and what it could be doing better. As part of the inquiry, the Panel invited members of […]

Scrutiny Councillors take a look at Anti-Social Behaviour

A Scrutiny Working Group recently looked at Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and how Swansea Council tackle issues around this. The Panel heard that a multi-agency approach has been adopted to ensure that everyone who needs to be involved such as Youth Services, the Police and Local Area Co-ordinators (amongst others) are informed in the first instance. […]

Homelessness in Swansea

Scrutiny Councillors are due to hold a Working Group meeting on 14 May to look at the issues faced in Swansea in relation to homelessness, the services available and to find out from several relevant organisations what is required locally for improvements to be seen. This will be the first of two meetings, the second […]

Scrutiny Councillors express concerns over Outcome of Residential Care and Day Services for Older People Commissioning Reviews

Councillors on the Adult Services Scrutiny Performance Panel have recently met to discuss the Outcome of Residential Care and Day Services for Older People Commissioning Reviews. A number of concerns were raised by the Panel including: The commissioning review taking too long to complete and that residential care and day care should have been separated […]