What makes an excellent school?

It is important when looking at school improvement that you understand exactly what you are looking for and identifying what makes a school excellent in terms of both current performance and its prospects for improvement is key to this. The Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel were therefore pleased to invite Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr Welsh Secondary School Headteacher […]

Looking at school performance

The schools performance scrutiny panel met with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors of Cwmglas Primary School.  They were impressed with the work and standards at the school given the challenging environment in which the school is positioned.  The impact on the school of supporting and educating children in an area of high social and economically […]

Scrutiny Improve Thyself

If there is a scrutiny equivilent of ‘doctor heal thyself’ then it might be ‘scrutiny improve thyself’.  OK, it might not be a saying that catches on, but the point is that councillors involved in scrutiny should be as intrested in their own performance as they are in anyone elses.  To show that we are serious about […]

New Ways of Making a Difference

Over the last 12 months one cross party group of councillors has been showing how overview & scrutiny really can make a difference.  The Child & Family Services Overview & Scrutiny Board was set up in April 2009 following a CSSIW Report into children’s services in Swansea. It has been chaired by Cllr Mark Child with support from the […]