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Scrutiny Dispatches – February 2014

Every month council receives an update from scrutiny about the work it has been doing. It aims to provide the headlines, typically with one major story each time, to raise awareness and visibility of the work and impact of scrutiny.           Here’s this months roundup: 1. What is the connection between […]

Changing the way we support older people

When given the choice older people would rather stay in their own homes, retaining their independence and staying in their communities than moving into residential care.  With a good care plan that focuses on what the older person wants to achieve, how they want to achieve it and with the right level of community support this is possible.  This […]

What’s going on in scrutiny in February?

Here is a list of all the meetings taking place in February:    3rd February 10am Historic Buildings Working Group 3rd February 2.30pm Wellbeing Performance Panel 4th February 4pm Education Inclusion Inquiry Panel 6th February 3.30pm Schools Performance Panel 10th February 11am Service Improvement and Finance Performance Panel 10th February 4pm Social Care at Home Inquiry […]

Affordable housing on the agenda again

A new scrutiny working group has been set up.

Delivering effective scrutiny: Our take on the single committee model

The model of scrutiny that we have recently adopted in Swansea has been attracting interest from some other councils in Wales. It is a single committee system that does its work through informal cross party task and finish groups called panels. While the single committee model for scrutiny has been used before ours is perhaps […]

More scrutiny please!

Councillors on the Well Being Scrutiny Performance Panel have been quite vocal at recent meetings about their ability to scrutinise adult services and child & family services in just one meeting a month. Worried that they were not devoting enough time to the important area of adult services, they agreed to hold fortnightly meetings and […]