Archives for May 2010

Introducing the r-Board

To coincide with the launch of the i-pad today I’d like to reveal our own piece of state of the art technology: the r-Board. Let me tell you about this very important piece of kit.  The r-Board helps us keep track of the reviews that the overview & scrutiny boards are working on.  It goes like this:  […]

Workplan Time for the Government and Us

Today the government has announced the bills it intends to bring to parliament in the Queen’s Speech. This list of 22 bills is in effect the government’s workplan for the next parliamentary session. Over the next three or four weeks all of the Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Boards will also be meeting to decide what their […]

New Ways of Making a Difference

Over the last 12 months one cross party group of councillors has been showing how overview & scrutiny really can make a difference.  The Child & Family Services Overview & Scrutiny Board was set up in April 2009 following a CSSIW Report into children’s services in Swansea. It has been chaired by Cllr Mark Child with support from the […]

New Chairs – But What Do They Do?

We have just found out which Swansea councillors will be the chairs and vice chairs of the overview & scrutiny boards and committees. The list is at the bottom of this post. But what do they actually do? Is it just simply running meetings and keeping people in check? Well of course not – it’s much, much more […]

Sorry, You Do What?

Somehow I’ve always managed to work in areas that needed to be explained.  I’ve been in Tenant Participation, Anti Poverty, Community Leadership & Engagement and now Overview & Scrutiny.  I’m slightly jealous of those people who work in Planning, Education or Social Services who don’t get a blank expression when they tell someone what they do. […]