Education Inclusion Scrutiny Inquiry Update

Councillors previously planned to carry out an inquiry into Education Inclusion, particularly education other than at school, which was due to start in April.  This was highlighted as a concern by the recommendation arising from the recent local authority education services for children and young people Estyn Inspection which stated that we need to ‘improve […]

Scrutiny looks at how schools deal with staff competency issues

The Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel, at their meeting today will look at  how the Council advises and supports schools when dealing with poorly performing teachers and also when recruiting senior staff into schools.  This is one of the issues that was highlighted for further work by the Panel when they spoke to schools over the […]

Cabinet agree with scrutiny report for improving the attainment and wellbeing of children in Schools

Cabinet formally responded to the Attainment and Wellbeing Scrutiny Inquiry report on 1 July. The inquiry considered how schools, the Council and partners can improve wellbeing in Schools. Cabinet has welcomed the report and agreed all 12 recommendations made by Panel and actions to implement these. The Inquiry Panel will monitor these actions over the […]

An innovative way of scrutinising school performance

Councillors in Swansea have developed an innovative way of scrutising school performance in Swansea.  They have been meeting with schools, chairs of governors and system leaders to identify good practice and to look at schools that may be causing concern.  They have a preparation session with the individual schools system leader and then meet the […]

What will the Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel look at this year?

The Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel at their last meeting discussed their work programme for the coming year. The Panels brief is to provide ongoing challenge to schools performance to ensure that pupils in Swansea are receiving high quality education; and the authority is meeting its objectives in relation to improving school standards and pupil attainment. […]

Focussing on what matters

Over the past year we have asked the public to rate the importance of scrutiny inquiry topics. In total the public have rated the 5 inquiry topics that have taken place this year. The results, obtained from the Swansea Voices Citizens Panel, show the topics in ranked order of importance:  Streetscene – Road and footway […]