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Scrutiny review of support for carers in Swansea completed

This week the Health Social Care and Well Being Overview & Scrutiny Board agreed its final report for the review of support for carers in Swansea.  You can read the Board’s report here.  The Board spent an intensive 3-months gathering evidence, talking to individuals and organisations involved in providing support services for carers, making visits […]

Reviewing success

The Children, Young People and Learning Overview and Scrutiny Board at their meeting on Monday 19th March will look at the Strategic Plan for Children and Young People 2011–2014 in order to review the success indicators as at March 2012. The focus of this report is on the 22 success indicators within the plan which were […]

Promoting Corporate Parenting

The Child & Family Services Overview & Scrutiny Board recently followed up on the report it produced last year on the Role of Councillors as Corporate Parents. The Board reviewed the updated action plan that was drawn up by the Cabinet Member for Social Services to address the various scrutiny recommendations. With council elections taking […]

What should scrutiny be looking at?

Every year we conduct a survey to find out what people think about scrutiny in Swansea and this year is no exception. We would be really grateful if you could spend a few short minutes of your time answering a couple of questions – we promise it won’t keep you long! We are interested in […]

Scrutiny Review of Support to Care Leavers Complete

A major study helping to improve the lives of care leavers has been published. The Child & Family Services Overview & Scrutiny Board has now completed its in-depth review of support to care leavers in Swansea and produced a report. Councillors spent the last 12 months talking to various people to gain a range of […]

Support for carers scrutiny review almost finished

 The councillors have written their draft final report for the scrutiny review of support for carers in Swansea and an extra board meeting will be held next week to agree the report and its recommendations Overall the Board found that identifying carers was a challenge for all organisations that provided support services for carers; schools […]